Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Bar Cart

I'm gonna go ahead and get a little gross here for a few minutes, so just bear with me and until we get to the good stuff.  


         noun, plural u·vu·las, u·vu·lae  [yoo-vyuh-lee] 

     the small, fleshy, conical body projecting downward from the middle of the soft palate.        

       **Basically, the little thing that hangs down at the back of your mouth**



a gangrenous or ulcerous sore, especially in the mouth.

**Basically a majorly painful thing in your mouth that hurts when you do just about anything**


For whatever reason, I get a lot of cankers in my mouth and they come in packs and sit on the gum line, tongue, and cheeks, so it's extremely painful for about 7-10 days.  There is no known reason for why these things occur and really, for someone who is as anal about dental/oral hygiene as I am, I have no clue as to why they target me, but I've been getting them since I was really little.  My mom would sometimes keep me home from school because I was in so much pain and litterally chewing my mouth apart to distract from the pain of the sores.  If you've ever had one, or in my case 5+ at a time, you know how painful it is to eat, drink, swallow, talk, breath, and sleep and just generally exist.    

The point of this disgusting story is coming. Ew. 

About 4 days ago, I noticed I my throat was getting sore.  Naturally, I upped my vitamin dosage, and loaded my water with those badass emergen C packets.  I thought I could fight this off before it turned into anything serious.  
time passed and I couldn't understand why my throat was getting progressivly worse and feeling more and more like strep throat, and yet I felt fine.  I had no fever, no ailments, no fatigue, nothing, except this gnarly sore throat.   
Since I'm already playing nurse to my wounded, crippled husband, I figured I would try on myself too.  So I did what any WebMD nut bar would do, I stuck a flashlight in my mouth and examined my own throat.  

You want to know why my throat hurts??  I have a freaking canker sore ON MY UVULA!!! Is that even possible?!?!?! Apparently so, but very uncommon.  

As soon as I diagnosed myself, I went straight to Quinn to tell him - no, not show him, you freaks! He insisted I gargle with warm salt water.

I on the other hand, as the veteran canker girl, I have my own remedies…

Beginning with this snazzy new bar cart! Can you believe it's from Target!?! I was delighted when I found it a few weeks ago and I happily pushed this baby all around the store.  I even had to take down the convertible top in the middle of a crazy blizzard snow storm to load it in my car.  People were giving me all sorts of crazy looks but I didn't care, this thing was coming home with me no matter what. I love the fact that it's brass, has wheels, two tiers, oh and it was under $200! 

Now check out how I styled it and how I'm numbing the pain of this uvula canker. 

There you have it, all the important necessities of a well stoked bar cart.


Em xox 



  1. Hope you feel better soon - love the cart you did a beautiful job. Isn't the Baltic Amber the best scent?

    1. Thanks! You got me hooked on the Baltic Amer! I love it

  2. This post is too good. I love the embedded definitions!