Thursday, 16 January 2014

Workspace Transformation

I can vividly remember the sheer excitement I would feel when getting a new pencil case and pencil crayons back in elementary school.  Then in high school and university it was the binders, dividers and mechanical pencils and fancy pens that did it for me.  Shoot forward a few years and now it's agendas and workspaces that get me all giddy.  I remember thinking, well now that I have this new pencil case and fancy pencils, I will be really good about doing my homework.  Or, now that I have this fancy agenda, I am going to be totally organized and on top of my game this year.  And then, a few weeks ago I decided I would give my work space a makeover because heck, if ya have a nice office aren't ya more productive? Well truth be told, I don't think any fancy pencil cases or agendas will change my procrastinating, somewhat dishevled habits but it's fun to play around with ways to motivate and inspire yourself.  I have actually noticed however, that since redoing my workspace I have been much more inspired to blog and create.  Perhaps a fresh clean space really does allow for a fresh clean mind.  If that's the case, I suppose my closet should be next…

Would you believe I installed this shelf all by myself…?

 Would you also believe it is hung dead straight?

 My friend gave me this basket and now it serves as storage for notebooks and magazines. 

 Lexie's favourite spot to snooze while I'm working at my desk.  

I keep this plaque Quinn had made for me right where I can see it as a daily reminder of how tough I really am.
(Just so ya'll know, I'm jumping over fire in that pic Mmmhmm!)

 This darling Kate Spade agenda makes me smile

I added a pretty glass knob to the drawer that originally had nothing on it.
Birthday flowers from a girlfriend that are finally blooming. 

Now I'm kind of ashamed to be showing this.  The desk was originally Quinn's and I have yet to find the perfect one so I sanded, primed and painted this one, added a pretty glass knob, some shelves and bins and tidied it up.  Quite the transformation if you ask me. 

Not the best pictures but you get the (ugly) idea. 

Lucite Chair & pillow - Old from Urban Barn
Shelf & brackets & bins - Ikea
Shag rug - Rugs USA
Glass knob - Anthropologie
Agenda & Note pad - Kate Spade
Lucite tape dispenser - Anthropologie 

Em xox

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