Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jamaican me crazy

I'm backkk and ready to settle back into real life again.  It was less of a shock coming home this time since the weather really warmed up while we were away.  We had a great time in Jamaica, I couldn't get over how absolutely perfect the weather was all the time.  I especially loved that the evenings didn't get too cool, no sweaters required which is unusual for me.  We had dinners on the beach, in the garden and on outdoor terraces and the only time I ever got a chill was when I stepped inside and the AC bit my sun kissed skin.  This trip was purely relaxation with pretty well nothing on our agenda except reading and swimming, although I did sail away - literally! I went sailing on a speedy little sailboat that skimmed just ontop of the water.  I was in heaven perched right at the front with my hair blowing in the wind and salt water splashing in my face - pure bliss.  Speaking of bliss, I also had an outdoor massage on the private island where the waves were crashing in and the masseuese delivered the most relaxing 80 minutes of my life.
I didn't get too many outfit shots in because we were parked on the beach until about 6:30 everyday and then it was too dark to take any photos.  We had butlers select the best lounge chairs on the beach and brought us cocktails and lunch without even having to move.  The days went by and my bikinis were my daily outfits until the sun set and we transitioned into romantic dinners followed by half decent entertainment and bonfires on the beach.  What I would give to be back on that beach again, but for now, these photos will have to do.


This was the view we woke up to every morning.  It literally felt as though we were floating in the ocean! 

 The resort even had their own private island which was only accessible by boat.  At the back of this island was were I indulged in the heavenly massage.  There was also a great thai restaurant (red building) that we really enjoyed.

The most unique photobomb - notice the peacock sneaking in behind me? 

The cutest little french restaurant.  We never ate there but I loved the pretty courtyard

Outfit #1 
Dress - Some random beach shop find (but I really like this one)
Clutch - H&M
Shoes - Jimmy Choo 
Pearl and Gold link bracelet - YSL 
Locket - Tiffany & Co 

Outfit #2 
Shorts - Costa Blanca
Blouse - another random beach shop
Shoes - Chanel (purchased at Nieman Marcus)
Necklace - Purchased at the One of a Kind show Toronto

Em xox 

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