Wednesday, 22 January 2014

At Home

Happy hump day!  I had a line up of outfit posts for this week but the temps are just too frigid for anything.  I literally am not leaving my house other then to drive and pick up the kids from school.  I've definitely reached my breaking point with this weather.  Who's ready for spring?! 
Since I'm not setting foot outside, I decided to do a feature on 11 things you may not know about me. Why 11 you ask? Because it's my husband's lucky number and we do everything in 11's around here. Just a few little fun facts on a cold winter day! 

1)  I am a certified Yoga Instructor and a certified Hair Extension Technician - Random right?! I am actively pursuing both.
2) I splurge on handbags and shoes over anything else
3) I used to model when I was a teenager 
4) I live by handwritten lists because I am disorganized and forgetful (Quinn probably thinks this should be #1) 
5) I have travelled quite a bit but California just gets me every time.  
6) I lived in Paris to study french and can speak fluently.  Mais oui c'est vrai! 
7) I am not a city girl.  I'll take sand and water over the busy city any day
8) West Coast (BC) native. Hola!
9) Graduated in French studies and Communication studies at York Univeristy
10) I am 5'11 1/4 tall and yes of course I wear heels
11) I am over the moon so happily married to my favourite person on earth.  With him I got 3 awesome step kids and the cutest little puppy whom I am freakishly obsessed with.

Case and point - we can't take our eyes off eachother. 

Em xox 

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