Thursday, 21 November 2013

Leather love

Leather love

Here you have it, my picks for leather pants/leggings.  Keep in mind these are investment pieces that you will have forever and ever.  Not to mention they are so versatile and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.  I own multiple pairs of pleather pants and I have worn them all down so I'm now ready to graduate to leather and I am about to take the plunge on one of these beautiful, buttery options.  I love the fit and style of the Helmut Lang leggings, and they come in a super long inseam (bonus for all the tall, long legged gals out there!!)  but I also like the idea of having a leather "jean" style with pockets like the Rag & Bone pants.
On a side note, leather is very flattering but it can also go way wrong if you try to squeeze into too small of a size.  Sausage legs is not a good look, ladies.  Also if you have thicker or more muscular legs, watch out for seams around the knees since they can cut into your leg and give you the appearance of two sausages.  Opt for a more seamless style if you're worried.
Most importantly, unleash your inner rockstar and rock on!

1. Helmut Lang 
6.  J Brand

Em xox

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