Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Spiked Caramel Apple Cider

Oh my apples, have I got a drink for you.  In keeping with my apple themed recipes, I offer you the most perfect cozy, fall drink.  A few months ago, I picked up Smirnoff's kissed caramel flavoured vodka.  Why? because I love caramel.  Well, it sat on my bar cart for months because I couldn't think of what to mix it with.  Fast forward to this past weekend - caramel...apples...jackpot!!  
I went back to the apple orchard and got a container of apple cider to make what ended up being one of my new favourite warm your belly drinks.  

Here's what you need:

- Caramel flavoured vodka 
- Fresh natural Apple cider
- Cloves
- cinnamon 
- nutmeg
- apple

Here's what to do:

In a small sauce pan heat apple cider on low.  Add the cloves and cinnamon stick with a dash of ground nutmeg.  Chop up a few slices of apple into small pieces and add to the mixture.  Cover and let simmer for a good 20 minutes.  Remove from heat and add your desired amount of vodka..no judgement here :)

If you're serving for guests, rim the mugs with sugar.  I don't need or want the extra sugar so I just serve it up in a mug and garnish with a cinnamon stick.  

You'll notice my mug is missing the marinated apples.  They actually never made it out of the pot, I ate them before I could photograph the end result.  Hey, I said no judgement, ok? 

If you would like a more classic twist on this, add a splash of bourbon along with the caramel vodka. 


Em xox

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  1. I love caramel almost as much/perhaps more than I love coconut. Love this recipe and would love a similar one for warmer weather with my next favourite flavour (you guessed it coconut). Your posts are beautiful.