Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

You know what? Pumpkins have it bad.  Call me crazy but how would you like to be brought into this world only to be taken from your cozy little spot in the dirt with all your little pumpkin friends and family and brought into a strange home to be gutted and carved and placed on some doorstep with a burning fire inside of you?  Then watch as some crazy, scary characters stomp around you all night collecting handfuls of gross , processed, icky candy.  And finally, thrown in the trash with a surgically enhanced face and and *sigh* entirely hollow to just rot away.  Now you get me? 
This year, I decided to treat my pumpkins with some dignity and respect.  My pumpkins got dressed up and glammed up and displayed on a cart full of champs and booze and beside charming coffee table books, a delicious candle and pretty fall floral. I dressed my pumpkins in gold glitter and paint.    
My glitzy pumpkins where on display throughout the house; on the table, bar cart, coffee table, and windowsills and everyone got to see them in all their glory.  
The best part is, my pumpkins will not go in the trash.  They will be baked into delicious, soft cookies to savour and enjoy.  
Sadly we never have any kids visit our house on halloween because the houses are spaced too far apart.  So, our halloween will consist of some popcorn, pumpkin beer and season 5 of Sons of Anarchy while cuddling up with our little bumble bee. 

Happy Halloween!  

White mini pumpkins, gold spray paint, modge podge and gold glitter is all you need to glam up some basic pumpkins.  

                                              This little bumble bee needs a serious haircut

Em xox

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  1. Lexi - if doggies could talk - you look so sweet! But how do you feel? Bzzzzzz. You are adorable and Em has you donned up cute. What other clothes do you have?